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From Portugal with love!

We treasure the unparalleled value of each piece of art handmade by outstanding Portuguese artisans with years of experience.

Each wrinkle is the proof of long hours of work with love and care that become eternal in each detail.

An art that revives the timelessness of the most elegant items of your baby’s closet; an art mastered by attention to detail and care.

An art in which the impersonality of mass production gives place to the creation of unique and special items; in which every artisan’s face has a name, a life story and love for the finest details.


We are proud to create, passionately in Portugal, unique pieces of art; clothing items with life that closely protect your baby’s sensitive skin as a priceless treasure.

Close your eyes... and feel the angelical melody interpreted by each unique piece of art that you now hold in your hands!

We believe that your baby’s delicate skin must be protected as the most priceless treasure; we looked for the most pure and delicate organic cotton yarn, the most elegant and soft lace and conquered the heart of the best Portuguese craftsmen to create delicate and unique pieces of art, with love and care, just for your little angel.

We want to recreate the unparalleled and outstanding talent performed by genuine Portuguese hands and show you the beauty that only they can bring to clothing items.

Feel the magic...

Close your eyes... and feel touched by TIERNO’S magic!

A ritual suited for your little angel!

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