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Where craftsmanship meets style

Love. Time. Dedication.

Let the magic begin...

Scissors are ready to cut your fabric; knitting needles are waiting for the best Portuguese hands to create your very own Tierno garment.

Each Tierno piece is entirely handcrafted by outstanding Portuguese artisans that have a true passion for their work and years of knowledge to reach a level of perfection. There are not two equal Tierno items, just as there are no two babies alike.

We truly believe that each detail must be crafted by hand (even our signature box is also handmade in Portugal!) so that we can create a piece of art to keepsake.

We are delighted to treasure an art in which the impersonality of mass production gives place to the creation of unique items; an art where details are beautifully imperfect.

We are committed to treasuring and sharing Portuguese craftsmanship with you and show you the beauty that only the most talented hands can bring.

By supporting Tierno, you are empowering women in Portugal and the tradition of craftsmanship.

We are obsessed with details.

Being obsessive about details is... required!

Each and every Tierno piece is entirely handmade with passion and attention to detail
so that we can create a piece of art with heart and soul.

A box full of magic

Each Tierno piece is delicately hand wrapped and comes in our signature box,
also handcrafted in Portugal.


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