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Dream big, little one!

The hands of our artisans bring to life the most delicate and soft organic cotton yarn and create a piece of art that becomes part of the family’s heirlooms.

The lovely hand-knitted cardigan and the most delicate hand-knitted romper specially designed for the most memorable moments of the first year of your little angel's life.

Perfect for a timeless and elegant look, will make your little angel cozy and absolutely lovely!

A must-have set for any baby closet, hand-knitted in Portugal, with love and care just for your baby!


Tierno's magic is interwoven in their exquisite gowns and children's clothing using organic cotton, lace and silks. Each timeless Tierno piece is handmade and embroidered with love and care. Our daughter, Ava Grace, has a couple of treasured pieces from Tierno, which will be a family heirloom for generations to come.

AOI, Tokyo, Japan

Best online shopping ever!


Although we live in a world throw away/quick clothes I can honestly say I’m obsessed with items for my children that I know will be timelessly beautiful (and that I hope one day they will be dressing their children in the same item!) Which is why I’ve absolutely fallen in love with Tierno Portugal.

298.00 €
298.00 € + 75.00 € (Customization)

Tierno Yellow Dreams Set

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For orders please e-mail us at info@tierno.pt


Make it unique by customizing your favourite TIERNO item with your initials, embroidered by hand just for you.

Tierno Yellow Dreams Hand-Knitted Cardigan

  • 100 % TIERNO yellow organic cotton (GOTS)

  • Mother-of-pearl logo buttons fasteners on the front

  • Embroidered by hand in Portugal
  • Hand-knitted in Portugal

Tierno Yellow Dreams Hand-Knitted Romper

  • 100 % TIERNO yellow organic cotton (GOTS)

  • Mother-of-pearl logo buttons fasteners on the front and between the legs (for easy dressing and diaper changes)

  • Care label in the diaper area

  • Embroidered by hand in Portugal
  • Tierno Purity Blouse not included (available separately) 
  • Hand-knitted in Portugal

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