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“Can you keep a secret? I will be here for you... Always!” A bond for life LIMITED TO 20 HEARTS

The hands of our artisans brought life to the finest materials and created a special and customized edition of TIERNO Timeless Heirloom Dolls (numbered 1 to 20) and a matching baby outfit, both handcrafted in Portugal with the finest organic cotton fabrics. Inspired by the unmatched bond and complicity between best friends, MY FIRST CONFIDANT Limited Edition is something unique and special to treasure and to keep close from generation to generation.

This is the beginning of a full life of marvelous adventures with your TIERNO First Confidant that will create a true bond for life.

"I will tell you a secret: I will be here for you … Always!"


*Each doll is unique and very special, handcrafted by the best Portuguese artisans. This is a unique and bespoke piece of art to keep close from generation to generation. Not a toy, so please do not allow your child to play with it without supervision.


Tierno's magic is interwoven in their exquisite gowns and children's clothing using organic cotton, lace and silks. Each timeless Tierno piece is handmade and embroidered with love and care. Our daughter, Ava Grace, has a couple of treasured pieces from Tierno, which will be a family heirloom for generations to come.

AOI, Tokyo, Japan

Best online shopping ever!

SOFIA DURÃO, Lisbon, Portugal

It's all in the details: if you are looking for the most unique and timeless gift, you'll find it here for sure!

SOFIA, Lisbon, Portugal

I just received My First Confidant and it is absolutely breathtaking! I love the ballerina toes, the monogrammed initials and Maria looks absolutely beautiful in her gorgeous green dress. The fabric is so soft to touch and the green color is amazing!
An those details... melt my heart! I am so grateful that Maria will have this keepsake forever.

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My First Confidant - Limited Edition

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Make it unique by customizing your favourite TIERNO item with your initials, embroidered by hand just for you.

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Each My First Confidant set is handmade just for your baby. Our best artisans will create a truly piece of art to treasure forever. It will reach your hands between 3 to 4 weeks after purchase. But remember: it is a truly piece of art created with love and care just for your baby.
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