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How to take care of your TIERNO’s item

We have found the finest organic cotton yarn, smooth, delicate and without harsh chemicals and pesticides, to protect delicate skin.

Your very own TIERNO item was handmade with all love and care, just for you!

You must take care of your TIERNO piece with the greatest love and care to be passed on from generation to generation and look stunning day after day.

To always look fabulous, we recommend washing your TIERNO garment, not above 30.º C with a natural soap such as a Marseille soap, your “grandma’s laundry secret”!

Marseille soap is a natural and biodegradable powder and unlike most industrial soaps it is coloring- and preservative-free. It is truly gentle on delicates linen and, being a hypoallergenic product, it does not contain any chemicals or preservatives – it is ideal for protecting your baby’s sensitive skin!

You should not use fabric softener to protect your baby’s delicate skin.

For drying and perfect maintenance, we recommend placing the garment horizontally to retain its original shape.

Iron at low or moderate temperature.

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