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TIERNO is...

A living expression
of a mother's unconditional love.
The quest for providing our little angels with the best
and the will to protect them.
It is an ode to love,
showcasing delicately manufactured pieces
and the best Portuguese savoir-faire.
It is a passion for the smallest details
culminating in the creation of unique items.
The wish to be a part of your history.

Caring is something only a mother knows.Joana Andrade Nunes, Founder of Tierno

TIERNO is a Portuguese brand born from my motherly love. Wanting to protect my baby's sensitive skin, I found the finest materials, the best Portuguese artisans and began creating unique clothing items with unparalleled quality. Elegant design, incorporating 100 % organic cotton and using artisanal craftsmanship - always with attention to small details to assure that your baby will always be comfy - each TIERNO piece is soulfully handcrafted in Portugal by master artisans with love, dedication and years of know-how. TIERNO lives on the opposite side of mass production so that we can create only the highest quality pieces: a family's heirloom to be handed down from generation to generation. 


Each and every Tierno piece is handmade in Portugal by master artisans with years of knowledge.

Fair trade

We are committed to treasuring Portuguese craftsmanship and our practices are both people and earth-friendly.


We source the finest organic cotton and the finests materials to create your Tierno pieces.


We create high quality pieces that both protect baby’s sensitive skin and are comfy, timeless and chic!

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